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The benefits of Dorma door closers

In order to keep your doors functioning smoothly and safely it is necessary to have properly installed and maintained door closers. There are many different types of door closer available, depending on the size and weight of the door, the speed of closing and many other factors. We recommend using Dorma door closers, as a…

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Emergency Door Repair

To avoid an emergency situation carry out a visual inspection every few weeks. Look for anything that seems out of the ordinary or might cause a problem. Are there chips in the glass, a dented or bent frame? Identifying these potential issues early can save them from becoming a real problem. If you find anything…

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Keeping Your Commercial Property Safe and Secure

There are many ways to secure your business premises and protect your commercial property from crime. It can be devastating for your business to become the victim of theft or criminal damage so it’s important to ensure the security of your property. Here are some crucial pointers that will help you to keep your business as safe and protected as possible. …

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Benefits of Glass Doors

When it comes to commercial doors, glass is often a great option. For shop fronts, restaurants and any other business space glass is attractive and functional. Glass doors are also secure and easily maintained, with the right expertise. Take a look at our list of reasons why glass doors are a good option for your…

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4 Top Reasons to Install Aluminium Doors

If you’re currently trying to choose new doors for your business there are a lot on the market. Here are our top reasons to consider installing aluminium doors… Aluminium doors give you discrete or invisible hardware, without the bulky hinges that often come with doors in other materials. Because aluminium is light and slim, it…

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Maintain and repair your doors this summer

The warmer summer months is the ideal time to get your commercial doors checked and repaired. Blustery winter weather may have taken its toll on your doors, but now is the time to have them repaired and maintained. Without the risk of rain and wind, mending your doors in summer is less likely to affect…

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